Make customized interactive learning games in minutes

7 Gen Blocks is an educational game development platform that streamlines creating engaging and effective learning games.

Transform educational content into educational games.

7 Gen Blocks is a platform built specifically for learning game development, making it possible to easily create games that teach, test and track.

Our Games Get Results!

Whether you’re trying to reach a broader audience, better engage your existing audience with a more interactive content, more effectively collect data or improve learning outcomes, games built with 7 Gen Blocks have demonstrated efficacy in making that possible. 

Better Outcomes
Improvement over Control Group
Better Reach
Greater Audience Interacting with Content
Better Engagement
Increase in User Retention
Better Games
Learners Served by 7 Gen Blocks

7 Gen Blocks EDU

Building an educational game has never been easier.

Point and click your way to creating an educational game, with helpful hints along the way.

7 Gen Blocks EDU combines best practices in instructional design, game design and software design in a single online tool that enables anyone to create educational games. 

No Coding Skills, No Problem.

7 Gen Blocks EDU is a true no-code platform. Input your text. Select your images. Craft your assessment items. Share or export your game. Play.

Easy Access Everywhere for Everyone

With 7 Gen Blocks EDU, students don’t have to sign in or subscribe to any sites or platforms to play. Additionally, games are optimized to run on low-cost devices and in low-bandwidth environments.

Currently, there are fewer game, instructional and assessment blocks available for the builder and the option to upload your own images is not yet available. We will be adding new blocks, new features and new images throughout the year.

7 Gen Blocks Pro

More options, more customization.

Choose from a larger number of games, instructional and assessment blocks, use your own artwork, build bilingual games and more with our low-code platform.

7 Gen Blocks Pro is a development platform built to streamline the process of making educational games for developers. 7 Gen Blocks requires a junior developer knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

4x Faster. 75% Less Cost..

Using 7 Gen Blocks Pro, even entry level developers can bring multi-level customized educational games to life in weeks not months, saving time and money.

3x Better Results.

Our games work! Peer-reviewed, journal-published data showed students who played games developed with our technology saw math scores improve 30% in 10 weeks, three times the control group results.

New blocks are being added regularly as we expand the 7 Gen Blocks Pro library.

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7 Gen Blocks Pro and 7 Gen Blocks EDU are currently in closed beta. Sign up here to be notified when our public beta launches.