Make customized interactive learning games in minutes

A no-code platform to transform curriculum into engaging educational games that teach, test and track. Providing everything you need to turn your idea into an interactive game.

Use 7 Gen Blocks to create and share educational games that reflect your lessons, your students and your communities.

The potential for games built with Blocks is as limitless as education itself. See standards-aligned games created with 7 Gen Blocks EDU.


Fractions & Fame

Dividing fractions is all that stands between you, baking glory and $10,000 in this game built with Blocks EDU.



Blocks makes it easy to create learning games in any language, serving students other software doesn’t.

All that Jazz

Math Meets Music

Learn how music notes and fractions intersect through taking in the sights and sounds of jazz history.

Minnesota Turtles

Threatened or Thriving?

More than just math. This environmental science game teaches about local turtle populations.


7 Gen Blocks EDU  

Building an educational game has never been easier.

7 Gen Blocks EDU combines best practices in instructional design, game design and software design in a single online tool that enables anyone to create educational games. 

No Coding Skills, No Problem.

7 Gen Blocks EDU is a true no-code platform. Input your text. Select your images. Craft your assessment items. Share or export your game. Play.

Easy Access Everywhere for Everyone

With 7 Gen Blocks EDU, students don’t have to sign in or subscribe to any sites or platforms to play. Additionally, games are optimized to run on low-cost devices and in low-bandwidth environments.

Get Started Creating with 7 Gen Blocks EDU

7 Gen Blocks is built to be easy to use, but everyone needs some help figuring out how to use a software tool the first time (or first few times).  

Build with 7 Gen Blocks EDU

Turn curriculum into interactive games kids want to play that you can easily share with your students.


7 Gen Blocks Pro

7 Gen Blocks Pro is a low-code development platform built to streamline the process of making educational games for developers. 7 Gen Blocks EDU draws from 7 Gen Blocks Pro’s existing code libraries. Code blocks from Blocks Pro will be modified and added to Blocks EDU to rapidly expand the no-code tool’s capabilities.

4x Faster. 75% Less Cost..

Using 7 Gen Blocks, even entry level developers can bring multi-level customized educational games to life in weeks not months, saving time and money.

3x Better Results.

Our games work! Peer-reviewed, journal-published data showed students who played games developed with our technology saw math scores improve 30% in 10 weeks, three times the control group results.

From games in Indigenous languages to local cultural histories to using math to save the planet, we make it possible to create games as diverse as the world we live in.

See standards-aligned games created with 7 Gen Blocks.

Making Camp – Lakota

Learn math and tribal history in this fully bilingual (audio, video and text) game in English and Lakota teaching division and  culture built with Thunder Valley CDC (Pine Ridge).

Disaster Deduction Detectives

The fate of the world depends on you and your knowledge of statistics in this game integrating math and environmental science. Created for Legends of Learning.

Animosh: The Giant’s Gift

An Ojibwe legend comes to life in this interactive literacy game where you encounter a mythical monster and a familiar friend. Made with support from New Schools Venture Fund.

Siglo de Cambio/A Century of Change

Find yourself amidst the founding of Chile in this English/Spanish bilingual (audio, video and text) game to learn math and history. Developed with funding from Start-Up Chile.

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